About Us

Das Deutsche Kupferinstitut

Founded in 1927 as a non-profit organisation and now part of the international Copper Alliance network, the Deutsche Kupferinstitut's goal is to provide a platform for the exchange of copper research, knowledge, and applications.   As either a neutral party or in the capacity of a partnership, The Deutsche Kupferinstitut, seeks to drive innovation by supporting market development projects, providing solutions for specific applications, and offering information for professionals in the industry. 

  • supports its members to postition copper and copper applications in the market and to develop new technologies,
  • advises those using copper materials on all facets of copper use, ranging from the choice of material to regulations in the industry,
  • provides engineering services on topics from the application of copper materials, to damages, to product development and optimisation,
  • initiates an interface between scientific and industry research by facilitating seminars and workshops,
  • informs of current copper developments and news.

Das Kupferinstitut  -  gegründet in Deutschland  -   international tätig  -  global vernetzt.

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