Life-cycle of Copper Products


Welcome to the copper industry’s informational site providing up to date life-cycle data on its key products.

Particularly in the building and construction sector, there is a steadily increasing demand from material specifiers and users, as well as from regulators, NGOs and research institutes for up to date life-cycle information on competing materials.

Until now, this information has largely been provided by third party consultants and academics, based on models and public literature sources. As a result, the currently available life-cycle data for copper products is extremely varied and not sufficiently representative of the reality.

The copper industry has responded to this market need by developing up to date life-cycle data for its tube, sheet and wire products. The information has been prepared in cooperation with recognised life-cycle practitioners, using international methodologies (ISO standards), leading software (GaBi), and proprietary production data collected from across the copper industry.

This data is now being made available through a variety of channels, including this website. For access, please click on Life-Cycle in the menu bar at the top of this page.