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Copper and copper alloys have many unique attributes which allow them to be used in novel forms, often at the cutting edge of modern technology and techniques. For these innovative applications, there are many unknowns and difficult questions. DKI has offered consultation services answering such questions for nearly ninety years.  Depending on a question's complexity, the necessary research, experiments, and the specialised equipment required, these situations can fall outside the bounds of the normal free consultation service.

Our Services

Our expert team and network of industry and research professionals are standing by for you.  If your needs fall outside of the realm of our free services, DKI will provide a detailed price quote.  Projects can be customised to be wide in scope or broken down into smaller segments.

We offer a variety of services ranging from investigation of damages in copper products, to the assistance in production issues and optimisation, to cooperation and support of research projects.

The Benefits

Feedback from those who have used our services highlight the following benefits:

  • Our network of established research institutions gives us the resources to answer your questions by using the most appropriate and efficient laboratory methods. 
  • With our expertise, we can efficiently guide analysis and research.
  • A complete report is provided at the end of the project with findings and recommendations.

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Engineering Consultations

On-site Inspections, Expert Opinions and Consultations

  • On-site inspections 
  • Detailed written reports
  • Expert opinions on damages in accordance with VDI 3822
  • Other expert opinions and analysis of results with summary report
  • Consultation and expert opinions on work material applications, material examination and damage analysis

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Our Services

Metallographic Examination

  • Sample preparation
  • Macroscopic und microscopic examination
    • Stereo microscopy, Light microscopy, Scanning electron microscopy (REM/EDX/WDX)
    • Varity of testing techniques, destructive or non-destructive (x-rays, …)

Measurement of Hardness

  • Metal hardness testing using Brinell hardness (HB) and Vickers indenter (HV) scales
  • Low-load und micro-hardness testing using Vickers
  • Other testing procedures for metal hardness

Mechanical and Technological Testing

  • Tension und pressure testing at room temperature as well as colder and warmer temperatures
    • Impact testing
    • Building component testing

Material Analysis 

  • Determination of chemical composition

Corrosion Examination and Analysis

  • Dezincification with ISO 6509
    • Stress-corrosion cracking 
    • Other corrosion testing

Welding und Soldered Seams Examinations

Welding techniques consultations and materials training

Product and Process Optimisation

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All projects and exchanges of information are treated with strict confidentiality. A non-disclosure contract can be made upon request.

Request and Engineering Consultation

To ensure confidentiality, your inquiries of this nature go directly to Michael Sander, DKI Executive Director.  Based on your needs, he will assign you a personal contact at DKI.

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