Our seminars not only bring technical knowledge, but are the perfect networking environment for instructors, participants and everyone in the copper industry.


An open and deep dialog between all parties involved in production and use of copper is very important to us.  With this goal in mind, we have developed workshops to bring together copper providers, users and other partners in the industry.

Workshops moderated by DKI range from those open to the public to smaller in-house seminars and can be designed as a compact-workshop, workshop or intensive workshop lasting from half a day to two to three days, depending on the needs of the topic. 

Unlike conventional seminars, DKI seminars are based on the active exchange of knowledge between instructor, participant, and moderator. 

We offer multiple seminar topics that can be individualized and expanded.

The following are examples of existing workshops:

  • The use of copper to regulate heat in combustion engines (automobile manufacturing)
  • Copper alloys in drinking water and regulatory requirements (fixture manufacturing, material providers and regulators)
  • The anti-microbial uses of copper in prophylaxis and hospitals and buildings (material providers, regulators, and experts on infection)
  • Engineering and research projects designed to optimize the materials in solar panels (researchers, health care material and service providers)

We look forward to talking with you about our existing seminars and discussing new seminar possibilities.


Seminare und Workshops