In-house Seminars and Workshops

Our In-house seminars and workshops can be developed based on your needs and held in your location of choice.  

Content can be taken from one of our pre-existing, open seminars, or built to your specification using our Module Elements.  DKI has a pool of qualified instructors, both internal and external, who cover a wide range of expertise. 
Seminars can be held in English, German or French.

Technical and Organisational Advantages 

  • State of the art, expert knowledge of copper
  • Targeted answers to your technical questions including current research findings
  • Answer your specific business questions with discretion (disclosure agreements available).
  • Minimal cost for highly qualified experts
  • Maximize the internal exchange of knowledge and experience by training your team.
  • Network with suppliers and customers.

Receive a consultation or just get to know us better.

Please contact us online by clicking here: Contact Form.  We would be glad to speak with you personally about your seminar needs and the variety of possibilities we have to offer.

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