In-house Seminars and Workshops

Our In-house seminars and workshops can be developed based on your needs and held in your location of choice.  

Content can be taken from one of our pre-existing, open seminars, or built to your specification using our Module Elements.  DKI has a pool of qualified instructors, both internal and external, who cover a wide range of expertise. 
Seminars can be held in English, German or French.

Technical and Organisational Advantages 

  • State of the art, expert knowledge of copper
  • Targeted answers to your technical questions including current research findings
  • Answer your specific business questions with discretion (disclosure agreements available).
  • Minimal cost for highly qualified experts
  • Maximize the internal exchange of knowledge and experience by training your team.
  • Network with suppliers and customers.

Receive a consultation or just get to know us better.

Please contact us online by clicking here: Contact Form.  We would be glad to speak with you personally about your seminar needs and the variety of possibilities we have to offer.

Customizing Your Seminar

You are invited to build your own seminar using the module elements listed below. From past experience, we recommend that seminars go for 6 hours a day to allow time for instructors to answer participant's questions. 

With every element you can decide whether a short overview, fundamentals, or a more in-depth lecture is appropriate.  The length of each lecture will vary accordingly.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions regarding seminars or to make any of your own programme suggestions.

Module Elements for Seminars and Workshops

Copper FundamentalsOverviewBasicsIn-depth
Sustainability and Ecobalance00:1500:3001:00
Copper and Copper AlloyOverviewBasicsIn-Depth
Production (Manufacturing)00:3000:4501:30
Groups of alloys00:3001:0001:30
Customized characteristics profile of Alloys (on request)
Legal specifications, regulations, guidelines00:3001:00-
Working with Copper MaterialsOverviewBasicsIn-Depth
Heat treatment00:3001:0001:30
Shaping (Prototypes)00:3001:0001:30
Semi-finished products00:3001:00-
Surface Technology-00:3001:00
The Joining of Copper MaterialsOverviewBasicsIn-Depth
The Cutting of Copper MaterialsOverviewBasicsIn-Depth
Orientation: Rotating, Milling, Boring, Thread Cutting01:00--
Milling -00:3001:00
Thread Cutting-00:3001:00
Applications of Electric EngineeringOverviewBasicsIn-Depth
Material selections for Connectors00:3001:0001:30
Efficient Power Unit/Impulse00:3001:0001:30
Lighting Technology 00:3001:0001:30
Home Technology00:3001:0001:30
Increase electrical security00:3001:0001:30
Layout design of current bar00:3001:0001:30
Hygenic Benefits of Copper MaterialOverviewBasicsIn-Depth
Antimicrobial Properties-00:30-
Surface Handling-00:30-
general requirements for drinking water-00:30-
Germanization of Drinkingwater installation-00:30-

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