An open dialog with all those involved in the use of copper is extremelly important to us. 

With this goal in mind, we have have developed workshops that include participants from every corner of the copper industry. Workshops are open to public and are developed and moderated by DKI Partners.  Workshops are capped in size, so that unlike lecture oriented seminars, DKI workshops are able to focus on the active exchange of ideas and knowledge between instructor, moderator and participant.

You will find our workshops in the following three formats:  Compact-Workshop, Workshop and Intensive-Workshop and, depending on the topic, range from half a day to two to three days.

The spectrum of themes offered is not limited to our existing workshops and can be customized and expanded to your needs.  
Some existing workshops include:

  • Use of copper materials in heat managment of engines (automobile manufacturers and materials suppliers)
  • Regulatory requirements involving copper and copper alloys in drinking water (fixture and materials suppliers, regulators)
  • Use of copper materials and infection prevention in hospitals and public buildings (suppliers, regulators, infection experts)
  • Initiation of research projects optimising materials used in solar energy collection (materials suppliers, solar panal manufacturers und researchers)

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