Copper Alloys

International conference for industry and research on application-oriented topics relating to copper materials.

In cooperation with the Swedish institutes RI.SE and SWERIM, the Kupferverband organises an international conference for copper processing companies, universities and research institutes every two years, presenting the latest scientific and technical developments relating to the use of copper materials. The application-oriented conference offers the entire copper-related industrial and research landscape an exchange of expertise on an international level every two years. The integrated industrial exhibition also provides a forum for copper companies to present their service portfolio during the conference. Conference sponsorships are also available.

Copper Alloys 2022 in Düsseldorf on 22/23 November 2022

The 2022 conference aims to further strengthen the copper and copper alloy community by providing up-to-date research results and reflecting the necessary research and development approaches in the light of current societal megatrends.
Growing awareness of the need for more responsible use of resources, environmental stability and health protection have led society and legislation to change the priorities on the agenda. Circular economy, fossil-free energy production and other buzzwords represent this new thinking and contribute to the implementation of new legislation such as the Green Deal in Europe.
New applications and processes are needed in response to the associated challenges, and universities, research institutes and market players need to further strengthen their joint efforts. The evolving platforms for materials research and development place high demands on optimising and complementing processing methods, closing gaps in global material flows and introducing lossless recycling technologies.
Copper Alloys 2022 will provide a comprehensive insight into the challenges and developments of the copper processing industry and enable an active exchange of knowledge and opinions.



The congress topics may relate to the above-mentioned global challenges, related improvements and adaptations in/to technology, as well as new applications and processes. These include, among others:
– Alloy design, substitution of critical elements
– product design
– Refining and recycling
– electrification
– Hydrogen storage and applications
– Adapted manufacturing processes
– Additive manufacturing
– Antimicrobial properties of copper alloys
– Corrosion resistance
– Drinking water supply
– Security systems, keys and locks
– Big data and AI
– Other

Abstracts for Copper Alloys 22 can be submitted until 5 May 2022.
Notification of acceptance of papers will be made by 15 June 2022.

The conference language is English.

Call for Abstracts


The exhibition part of the conference offers a forum for companies in the copper alloys market sector. Products and services can be presented to an international audience of professionals.
In addition, we offer sponsorship initiatives to strengthen your company’s image.


Margaretha Sönnergaard, Swerim, Sweden


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